Alice in Winnerland!

Last Wednesday played host to the annual Topics and Evaluation contests at the club, and it was a memorable night.  Thank you to all who got involved and had a go!  The newer guests in particular exemplified the spirit of the group and what we aim to achieve:  that we’ve all got to start somewhere, that this is a safe and supportive environment to take a risk in, and that actually, we are often much better than we think at these things!  The standard really was high across the board.

Alice and Peter took first and second places in each contest.  They have worked hard within the club over the years, have been in these situations before, and their experience showed. The topic of ‘Hot and Cold’, delivered to all contestants, challenged appropriately, and was a great example of how easy it is to become shackled to your first thought in a topic. Weather was a key theme, and most speakers then took time and effort to draw themselves away from that.  These are the great skills of impromptu speaking and it was not easy for anyone, as befits the occasion!

The evaluation contest asked that all contestants feedback on Sam, who bravely agreed to be the ‘target’ speaker for the night.  His 6 minute speech on the gentrification of Tooting won much favour and support in delivery.  It was witty, sharp and energetic and universally approved.

So, Congratulations to Alice, who goes on to represent Wimbledon at the area contests in February.

Our next meeting is on Wednesday 8th February, and we look forward to another great night of public speaking.


1st place.

Speaking Stars

Congratulations to Lissi, who won the annual speech contest at Wimbledon Speakers Club.

Up against six other experienced contestants, all of whom shared the title of ‘Changing Times’, Lissi delivered an original and witty reflection on her career path.  Together with Peter who took 2nd place, they will go on to represent Wimbledon at the Area contests in February.

There is still lots of opportunity for every one to practice at our first meeting of 2017, on Wednesday 11th January.

Why not have a go at any of the many speaking roles and opportunities available, and start the new year with strong resolutions and good intentions?!

Hope to see you there!



Well done, Lissi.



An evening of Firsts

We had a great meeting on Wednesday, ably chaired by Michael, who set the topics theme as ‘Firsts’.  While Wimbledon Speakers Club does not dwell in the realms of politics or religion particularly, it was a strong topical reference considering the news around the world that day.  This had followed the briefer introduction session which was centred around, ‘something I did not see coming’…  so there were plenty of interesting anecdotes to listen to, and barely a mention of the word Trump!

Fittingly, new member Neil, also delivered his first speech later on, detailing some personal history and his path to our speakers club.  It was a natural, charming delivery, and immensely easy to listen to.  He then received feedback from first time evaluator, Peter, who clarified his thoughts sincerely and tactfully.  It is a delicate balance, evaluation, and essential to ensure the speaker is as encouraged and supported as they are inspired to develop and make small changes.

So well done to us, and thank you to all contributors!

Join us on Wednesday 14th December, for the annual club speech contest.  All speakers will be speaking to the same subject – Changing Times – and it is bound to be an entertaining, inspiring and different evening.  As always!

See you soon………….

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