Meeting virtually for the foreseeable

WSC Zoom 29 April 2020_names off

Our first Zoom meeting last week went incredibly well. So well in fact, that in future, until we can return to normal ways, we will be meeting up virtually. Join us this Wednesday (6th May) from 7.30pm if you can. Please email if you would like to be part of our mailing list and therefore are given the Zoom link to access. Thank you, and please keep safe.

Meeting virtually on 29th April

As you may be aware, there is a pandemic going on, meaning that we – as like other Speakers’ Clubs across the country – have had to adapt. Many are going virtual, through Zoom, which is exactly what we’re exploring.

While we wouldn’t normally meet on Wednesday 29th April, we are this time to test the waters – to see if this is the right approach for our Club moving forward, until we are able to return to ‘normal’ ways back to Wimbledon Library.

If you are interested, the meeting starts from 7.30pm. In our nearly 22 year history, we’ve never met online before so it is an historic moment for us. If you are interested in taking part in this particular meeting, please email and we are more than happy to send you details in how to access the meeting.

We don’t know how long we are going to be like this for. Our hope is that this meeting goes well, so we can continue our meetups as usual, virtually, until the end of the year, which for us is Wednesday 17th June. We will keep you posted. In the meantime, please follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for updates – just search ‘Wimbledon Speakers Club’.

Thank you for your patience and please keep safe.

​’The Great Wimbledon Bake Off’ (or a version thereof)


On Wednesday 3rd April 2019, in addition to our normal night of speeches and public speaking, we will be hosting our first ever The Great Wimbledon Bake Off!

If you’re thinking about taking part, just bring something in you have baked and we will vote for the tastiest offering, just as we do for the topics.

It’s by no means obligatory if you haven’t baked anything or it’s not your thing please do still come. You’re valuable. We need judges, lots of judges!

For those entering we enclose ‘House’ rules

  • We will hold a secret ballot that’s one meaningful vote
  • The bakers will not be taking control of the refreshment table
  • No one will be asking for an extension.

There will be a small prize for for the best entry.

You’re quite right if you’re thinking what has this to do with speaking in public, and the answer would be absolutely nothing (unless you want to incorporate it into your topic) and it will not take anything away from practising speaking. Voting will take place during the break.

The idea originates from a couple of requests from members to do this so who am I to deny a little happiness here and there…

So if you would like to enter, if you’re a member or guest, please come and bring your offerings on Wednesday 3rd April and join in with the slightly left of centre, centre right or just plain jam and cream in the middle activities.

Good luck everyone.


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