Update – next session, membership fees, no meet up on 19th

The next session is this Wednesday (5th October). We kick off proceedings at 7.15pm but if you’re planning on attending, please aim to come before 7pm so you can help set up and guarantee to get there before the Library shuts. If you come after 7, enter via the automatic doors on Compton Rd (Merton Arts Space) entrance.

We decided the first session to be free of charge, but sadly, that was a one off. If you’re not a member, from now on, it’s a £6 cash charge on point of attendance. If you want to be a member, please state so and I’ll respond with our bank details to transfer. The cost is £75 which goes towards; hiring of the venue, capitation fee we have to pay to the Association of Speakers Clubs every year, and your climbing up the levels.

If you’d like to do a speech of any kind (not necessarily the levels), please let me know and we’ll slot you into our programme. 

Please note: unfortunately, our session on Wednesday 19th October will not be going ahead, because the Library has to shut for maintenance. After this Wednesday, we return on 2nd November.