2024 dates

Hi everyone,

Hello, February! We start the month with good news which confirms a longer-term future for Wimbledon.

We are pleased to confirm that we’re able to secure dates with Wimbledon Library right up to the end of June when we break up for the summer break. Please put these dates in your diary:

  • February: 5th and 19th
  • March: 4th and 18th
  • April: 15th and 29th
  • May: 21st
  • June: 10th and 24th

You’ll notice there is just one May date and later April dates – these are due to Bank Holiday clashes and no availability on other evenings that week.

The starting time of 6.45pm remains the same, but we will need to finish at 8.45pm as we agreed a shorter booking.

The 10th June date is our AGM.

So let’s make the most of the remaining nine sessions of the year. In terms of fees, we’re not committing to membership fees as we appreciate not everyone is able to attend every session. Instead, we’re now asking – to make sure we can pay the Library bills and debts – to pay a minimum of £5 per meeting, or whatever you can afford at that time. We also appreciate that there’s a cost of living crisis still lingering and we want to encourage more speakers!

In other news, the London Area AGM and Competition is now confirmed to take place on Wednesday 28th February at 7pm. This will be an online event and open to all members and those interested to attend. Please let us know if you’d like to attend and we’ll send an MS Team link over. If you want to compete in a competition (Topics, Speech, Evaluation), please raise it at either February meeting, or email ascwimbledon@gmail.com.

Put these dates in your diary: remaining meetings for 2023

Our rebuild is going incredibly well so far. More people are coming through the door each week and there is a genuine desire for Wimbledon Speakers Club to return to its former glory. This is wonderful to see and we sincerely hope this momentum continues as we enter the darker and colder months.

We’ve had to make a key to change to when we meet between now and Christmas. There are just three meetings left in this period but unfortunately, Wimbledon Library cannot accommodate us for our usual 2nd and 4th Monday due to other arrangements booked on those days before us. So, for these three meetings, we are moving our Mondays to the 1st and 3rd of the month.

So that means, we are meeting on:

  • Monday 6th November
  • Monday 20th November
  • Monday 4th December

We are still kicking off our meetings from 6.45pm and we meet at the back of the Library. It’s £5 entry which you can pay by cash or online on the night.

Historically after the December meet up, we ‘break up’ for the festive period and return on Monday 22nd January, should all be well.

Thanks again for your support and we will look forward to seeing you over the coming weeks.

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