Help us (re)launch – join our online workshop on 24th April 2023

Hi everyone,

Hope you’re keeping well. Apologies for the radio silence of late. It’s been quiet on the Wimbledon front. With not many people attending recent sessions, I’ve used the Easter period to think about the next steps and hadn’t held any sessions. 

The good, encouraging and important news is that there’s still enthusiasm from our current membership to keep the Club alive. How we do it, we’ve agreed to explore this via an online ‘workshop’, which I’ll be hosting.

This workshop will take place on Monday 24th April, 6.30pm start on MS Teams. Here:

  • I’ll deliver a presentation on Wimbledon’s past and present, giving you a clear(er) view of how we do public speaking and how we’ve done things more generally.
  • I’ll also explain who the Association of Speakers Club (ASC) is, so you’ve an idea of how speakers clubs operate and how Wimbledon fits in.
  • We’ll brainstorm ideas to (re)launch Wimbledon Speakers Clubs. I’ll start by presenting a couple of ideas that would help steer the conversation.

The workshop won’t take any more than an hour and feel free to invite others. Please email if you’re available and I’ll send you the MS Teams link. 

Best regards,


John Price
Wimbledon Speakers Club