Competition London Area Speech Contests February 17th 2010

Camden Speakers Club hosted a magnificent finals night.  It was wonderful to see all the London area clubs so well represented.  It created a vibrant atmosphere for the club contestants. A fantastic evening of public speaking turned into another fantastic evening for Wimbledon in particular, as between them Katherine and Michael won each of the 3 contests.  Speaking contests take up only a very small part of the year, but they give our speakers the opportunity to test themselves in a more challenging environment and they are excellent for bringing all the clubs together .  Nevertheless both Katherine and Michael will appreciate being back in the friendly ‘home’ surroundings of a normal Wimbledon club evening next week.

Wimbledon Speakers December 9th 2009

Katherine & Michael

Wednesday night was Wimbledon SC’s annual speech contest.  Members with a longer memory may have a feeling of ‘deja vu’ as we saw some of the established ‘usual suspects’ coming through once more.  Particularly pleasing were the contributions of newer members, John and David, who received particular mention in running both of Wimbledon’s previous National prize winners very close.  However there was a certain familiar ring to the result: Katherine winning and Michael Runner-up.  Both move on to the London Area Finals at Camden Speakers on Wednesday February 17th at 6.30 pm.

How to Chair a Wimbledon Speaker Club Meeting

Recommendations for how to Chair a WSC meeting, by Sally.

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