WSC End of Year dinner 17 June 2011

WSC End of Year dinner 17 June 2011
The WSC End of Year dinner was held at the Antoinette Hotel Wimbledon 17 June 2011.

A fun and lively evening was had, thanks to the participation of all who attended. Our MC of the evening Craig Nicol invented a spontaneous evening of games to ensure both Speakers members and their guests could get involved. He kept us all on track for the evening and even had time to participate himself in the games..!

Debra Owen Hughes and Celene Lee provided us with the after dinner speeches, which were both very entertaining, particularly the lessons learned while holidaying in Brazil!

Chrissy performed a super job of raffle ticket seller and indeed later Raffle host .. providing record ticket sales and then great descriptions for each prize.

Philippe was the Chair for the Just a minute game fending off / permitting challenges from the floor.

Sally was the resident Time keeper for the evening, ringing the bell vigorously when time was up.

Thanks to all for coming and see you all next year.

Have a look at the photos for the evening to soak up some more of the evening’s sense of fun.