WSC Speech Competition

With only three meetings left this calendar year the annual speech competition is fast approaching.  This is held on our last meeting of the year which is the 9th of December.  The competition is open to all members of Wimbledon Speakers Club regardless of length of membership or experience.  The theme will be announced at our first November meeting and will be decided by our immediate past president Michael.  We would encourage everyone to have a go as it is great experience.  This is also an excellent meeting to attend as you get to see how different speakers tackle the same subject. There will still be the usual opportunity for participation in topics prior to the competition.

Wimbledon Speakers Club 22nd June 2011

Sally Topics

Wimbledon Speakers Club 22nd June 2011
A full house indeed .. with Debra as Chair and Michael as General Evaluator the evening was in full swing in no time.

A special night where we had two great level four speeches by Peter and Garreth showing us how it should be done and passing with flying colours. Finishing with a rare speech by Katherine. A fantastic speech on her pain with estate agents.. we could all relate or at least feel her pain.

Joseph proudly won The Debra prize by a landslide of votes!.

Isabelle challenged us all with her Big Ears questions.

Michael had lots of fun evaluating Debra as Chair..

Have a peek at a few pics that give a flavour of the evening..

Wimbledon Speakers Club

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