Update – 7th December meeting

We’ve just one more meet-up to go until we break up for Christmas and New Year. We’re doing things a little differently with this meeting – the first half, we’ll do the usual ice-breakers, topics and topic evaluation (perhaps with a festive twist). In the second half, we’ll do a little brainstorming – how 2023 will best serve you, as loyal members of Wimbledon Speakers Club. 

The past couple of years in particular have been challenging for us, yet, as Covid-19 restrictions are seemingly, firmly behind us, we want to make sure that how the Club is run is fit for the new environment we find ourselves in. It’d be great to have as many views as possible – from those who have been with us a long time, to those who have only just joined, to those who haven’t visited us in ages. 

As President, I’ll make a video appearance as I realise that Wimbledon should be run better. I’m sure we’ll have time to do pre-planned speeches, please contact me if you wish to do so.

So, please join us – Wednesday 7th December, 7.15pm, Merton Arts Space entrance (Compton Road)

Please aim to come before 7pm, before the Library is shut, so you can help set up.

After this, the next meetup is on Wednesday 18th January 2023. If we don’t hear from you before, all the best for the festive season.

Non-members = £6 cash entry

Members = £75 (pays for between now and June)