Update: join us on 21st September 2022!

Hi everyone,

Hope you’re all doing well. Firstly, I apologise for the radio silence. Personally, it’s been a summer which I’ve been delicately balancing between taking all my remaining annual leave and being between jobs, so pretty intense to say the least.

Anyway, at Wimbledon, we’ve been mulling the future of the Club. Since Covid, it’s been tough with membership numbers falling. It’s been a concern but we’re pleased to say we’re not quite down and out.

Jan, Joe and I had been exploring potential change – perhaps a change of tact, change of venue, and so on. But the conclusion is firmly this; there’s no place like Wimbledon Library. After a summer recess, and not hosting a session on the first Wednesday of September, we’re back and taking each week as it comes. 

Our next meeting takes place on Wednesday 21st September. As we’ve done before, we’ll start at 7.15pm and if you plan on coming, it’d be great if you can attend sooner so you can help set up. A reminder to please use the Merton Arts Space (Compton Road) entrance if you arrive after 7pm. Before then, enter via the front.

We really would love as many of you to come as possible. We’ve booked for two sessions at the Library with the hope we continue beyond that point. But we can’t carry on without having enough bums on seats.

As an incentive, the meeting next week will be absolutely free. The 5th October meeting, we’ll charge the usual £6 entry. 

Next week will be hosted by Jan with the usual topics and fun in the first half, and in the second half, Joe will be doing a speech. There will be plenty of opportunities to flex your public speaking muscles. We hope it inspires you to come again, and hopefully again and again.

Please email ascwimbledon@gmail.com if you want to receive future Wimbledon Speakers Club updates.

Over and out for now. Please ask any questions if you have any, and I’ll be happy to answer.

Best regards,


John Price
President, Wimbledon Speakers Club