Work that we love

We had a terrific evening of speaking last Wednesday, beautifully chaired and steered by Joseph.

He set the most simple topics, around the theme of ‘Work’, but every single speaker engaged enthusiastically and did not struggle.  There was clearly much to say about this matter!

Then we reconvened for three prepared speeches, delivered by Will, Ollie and Jan.  Will was delivering his first speech at the club, Ollie was sharing a piece from an outside contest he had been recently involved in, and Jan was attempting her Level 10 ‘Masterpiece’: the culmination of all previous stages of the Association manual, and her now wide-ranging experience.

The whole evening was a great example of all that the Club can accommodate and a reminder of the very different motivations, intentions and goals for everyone that gets involved.

So thank you to all who contributed, and continue to make Wimbledon Speakers Club feel like a diverse and welcome breath of fresh air.  It really is the best way to unwind and to distract from the rigours outside world.

And it’s so much better than work!