Wednesday 12th October: new guests and chocolate!

It was a more gentle and reflective meeting last Wednesday, in contrast to the vigour and busy-ness of the previous session.  It’s fascinating how meetings can vary and mood alters, largely due to the group present, but more so I think, to the content of the evening.

Thanks and appreciation go to the 7 new visitors who attended, nearly all of whom spoke for the first time.  Nick will go into WSC history as one of very few who earned the ‘Best Topic’ prize on a first attempt!

We enjoyed 3 terrific prepared speeches this week as well, with 2 of our speakers practicing for other events and occasions, and the 3rd sharing research and learning from a degree course.

It’s so valuable that Wimbledon Speakers Club can offer a safe and supportive environment for people to practice in, before heading out into the world of often bigger, unknown audiences!  Riffi was trialling her speech for a speech competition, and Ollie his, for a charity event in order to raise awareness and funds.  Neil also shared, in another part of the meeting, that he had joined the club as he is getting married next year, and ‘dreading’ the prospect of his speech.

So, many, many reasons to visit a speakers club, and build genuine experience and confidence for all of those opportunities ‘out there’!

Our next meeting is on Wednesday 26th October.  It promises to be a good one.

See you there.



One speech was all about this… with real samples… thank you Simone!