New year, new inspiration…

Our second meeting was a wonderful gathering, where we had chance to welcome back friends who hadn’t been for a while, speakers from neighbouring clubs, and some first time visitors.  It’s always inspiring to see the new and the nervous embrace the chance to speak, and step up for a short introduction or a topic.  We invite everyone to proceed at their own pace and simply spectate if they prefer to, and yet a surprising number jump at the chance to be involved on a first visit.

With fewer prepared speeches on the programme this week, we had a double session of impromptu topics.  Without exception on these occasions, even the most experienced speakers are always just a little more relaxed second time around, and often reflect as much.  This is the true benefit of working through the discomfort of being ‘put on the spot’ for 2 minutes.  It sounds like such a tiny fragment of time, but can feel like a lifetime!

Congratulations to Sam, whose topic, ‘Cat Lover’, was voted the favourite of the evening. This was such a perfect example of turning the most ordinary subject into something personal, quirky and humorous.  Sam, together with Riffi, also delivered group evaluations for the first time.  Both shared wonderfully constructive and comprehensive feedback, ensuring that all in the room felt truly seen and heard.

It was an exemplary evening;  sincere thanks to everyone involved, and we now look forward to our next meeting on Wednesday 12th October.


Well done Sam!