Wednesday 14th November

This was one of our Powerpoint evenings. A valuable skill and very entertaining for the members of the club.
We were treated to 3 presentations. Claire’s colourful overview of her trip to China was very well received.
Alice used the medium of the slide presentation to present her Level 10 (Masterpiece) speech, which was very positively evaluated by Joseph.
So many congraulations to Alice for reaching another milestone. The third presentation was a semi- educational contribution by Michael – outlining the importance of not just knowing ‘what’ you want to talk about, but also ‘why’ you are talking about it.

December 12th (meeting after next) is Wimbledon’s annual speech contest.
Speeches of 6-8 minutes on the theme of:
‘Hard luck and hard work’
Over the last 12 years Wimbledon has produced 5 different National Finalists and 2 National Speech Champions.
So clearly we are doing something right.

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