A gold medal return for WSC

An evening buzzing with the enthusiasm of the olympic summer and indeed olympic themes.
Philippe managing the reigns as chair followed by Gerwyn’s Topic chair session kept everyone challenged and the participants responded speaking Higher, Faster and Stronger..
There were tears of laughter, there was moment where people had to find those extra words to make the two minutes there were those who no matter what challenge that was thrown at them they came back with topic speak that had not been heard before.
Well done to all our new comers and for them getting involved straight away with the evening.
Michael won the Topics Prize of the Debra this week for his hysterical two minutes on ” the booing of “George Osborne” the good and the bad.
Lissi did a great job reviewing her first topics session.. a tough job given the packed room.
Craig made a fine cup of tea for all at half time to wet the appetites of the audience for the second half.
Level four speech given by Sam, titled “17 Magical days”.. Sam regaled us with his walk though of the Olympic highs and lows according to him.
Shirley followed with a level 7 Speech titled “The agony and Ecstasy of a torch bearers wife” Where she walked us tough her real life experience of supporting her husbands Torch baring experience.. even to the point of running with him!!
Both passed and we can’t with to hear the next speech from them.
Chrissy tested us on our listening skills with Big Ears session.
Katherine was the General evaluator and gave a top performance against the clock.
All retired next door for a catch up of the summer events.

Hope to see you all again next week.

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