Events to the end of the year..have a peek and get involved!

Events for the rest of the year

May 23rd – A Powerpoint evening.
This is your chance to dazzel the club with an 8-10 minute presentation of your choice.

Friday 27th to Sunday 29th April – The National Conference in Cardiff.
Two and half days in the ASC bubble is more than a little insight, and a fine opportunity to see and hear the Association’s best speakers gather for the Topics, Speech and Evaluation finals. Katherine is represnting Wimbledon for the evaluation final. Do go along and support her.
There are 3 going from Wimbledon so far, and room for plenty more. Katherine can forward any booking forms and details to you if you need. The venue is the Marriott Hotel in Cardiff.

Wednesday 30th May will be the evening for the resurrected ‘London Out Loud’ Contest.
This is an interclub competition where teams of 3 from Wimbledon, Camden, City and Sutton clubs will gather to cast their light on the shared topic: “Win or Lose? Surely it’s the taking part”.
It is on the 5th Wednesday in the month so should not conflict with any other speaking night, and will be lots of fun. The venue will be The Irish Centre in Camden, and further details will be available shortly. If you have any desire or instinct to be a part of the Wimbledon team, and feel inspired by the subject matter, then please do let me know as soon as possible.

Our final meeting before holiday will be on Weds 27th June this year.

End of year celebration on Friday 29th June.
This will be very much along the lines of our fantastic ‘do’ last year, at the Antoinette Hotel, where there will be chance to eat, drink and be merry, and squeeze in some extra speaking too. Final ticket prices £25.00 please contact Katheryn, Craig or Deborah if you require a ticket, partners and friends are welcome also.

Saturday 21st July – The District speaking event is an afternoon of potential anarchy, as we trash all of the usual limitations about sex, politics and religion and debate some very serious (and not so serious) issues of the day. All Clubs in the South Eastern District will be represented, and of course even as an audience member, there will be lots of opportunity to participate. This will be held at The Irish Centre in Camden as this is a fairly central and accessible location for those travelling in from the North and the East. It’s a perfect opportunity to try out some different speaking skills, stimulate and challenge the mind, and meet new speakers from across the District, so do let me know if you are interested in taking part or coming along. We will be fielding our finest team!

So, lots of social fun and speaking options ahead this year; I hope that’s not too much information; naturally there will be more details to come as each occasion approaches.

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