How cold was your coldest memory?

A chilly evening but we made it to our favourite Wednesday night club, wrapped up within an inch of our lives.
Michael soon got things warmed up with the “when was the last time you felt so cold” ice breaker.. (No pun intended!). Everyone got stuck in with all their tales of Skiing holidays, camping holidays…overnight stints in a car and the boiler breaking down.

Michael handed over to Isabelle for her fantastic first time as Topics chair using the Olympics, East London and Cockney slang as her topics.

Chrissy was given the Arron Tank… Alice the Early flowers and Alison the Dog and Phone…but Claire won the Show and the Debra with her cat Tiggy’s sharing of attention to fill her basic needs of food and love.

Gerwin managed a rapid fire Topics evaluation giving praise and recommendation of improvements to all before Chrissy made us all a lovely welcomed cup of tea to warm us up for the second round.

In the second half we had three speeches:
Christelle – gave a heart warming speech about her best friend. How only your best friend can get you though even a cold miserable Monday morning with their thoughtfulness right though to ending up on rocking chairs at the age 90.

Shirley’s speech Ways to happiness gave us the five ways to happiness…
A sense of belonging, helping others, learning, exercise and friendship.

Finally Gareth gave a speech on the History of flying.. Bringing us though the wonder of air travel… how it went from a rich luxuary of champagne and limosene to the vast number of travellers today who dont get as much as a sandwitch!

All passed by their evaluators Katherine, Lissie and Julie with points of praise and a few notes of improvements.

Deborah gave a few minutes of Big ears which Kalley managed to answer all the questions.. Well done Kallie!
Alice brought he evening to a close with the General evaluation and then off to the Alexandra for a catch up and chat about the evening’s entertainments…
Don’t forget on Saturday 25th Feb, William Morris House is hosting the annual Area Contests, so our recent winners from Wimbledon (Alice in Topics, Vanessa in Speech and Katherine in Evaluation) would love to see any supporters on that day. It’s an afternoon event starting at 2pm, its very light hearted and relaxed, and will offer an opportunity for some extra curricular speaking. Friendly and familiar faces in the audience are most appreciated on these occasions.

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