WSC- A night of job interviews, techniques and become who you are

Tonight an evening of tales and convincing lies about your given profession.. everyone did very well with George’s choice of profession for you. We had Gerwin the “professional dog walker”, Isabelle the “female plummer”, Robert the “marriage councillor”, to mention but a few. Jenny, the Orchastral musician with her french horn stole the show and won the Debra prize for the evening.

After a lovely cup of tea provided by Sam and a natter over biscuits we headed back for the second part of the evening where four of our members gave speeches.

Level 1 – Claire gave a speech on “New Years Resolutions” where Pilates, Spanish and Speakers were the top three. She hopes this year to be in the 5% of people who make Resolutions to keep them up past 31 Jan!!
Gareth evaluated Claire and passed her with flying colours. Well done Gareth also for his first evaluation!!

Level 1 Matt – A speech titled “Evaluations”. Matt broke down his evaluations to two things Communication and Visualise and explained how this helped him recover from a football injury.
Joseph evaluated Matt, passing him commending him for his enthusiasm and use of vocabulary.

Level 3 Alison gave her speech on Interview Skills. She shared her party conversation transition from, what do you do? to the credit crunch version of this is how you should do your interview… The three elements Alison focused on were Confidence, Interest and Handshakes. She involved the whole audience in her experiments which was fun.
Alice evaluated Alison and passed her for her well written speech with the use of three’s and commended her for the audience participation.

Level 6 speech was given by Philippe titled “Become who you are” Philippe drew us all in to the philosophical view point of Niche, questioning what Niche was driving at and what or where we are with our own self. Fascinating.

Katherine passed Philippe and was very complimentary of his use of vocabulary and delivery.

Michael gave a quick Business update and General evaluation followed by Adams cryptic Big ears session which left us all somewhat embarrased at our level of listening!!!!

Chrissy our great chair for the evening drew the evening to a close right on time for a quick catch up next door at the Antionette hotel.

Next session is the Topics competition so don’t miss it.. should be another fun night.

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