Wimbledon Speakers Club Aretha Franklin Night

Vanessa, our Chair, gave us all a warm welcome to Wimbledon speakers club on a cold autumn evening. With an opener introduction of “what you love about autumn”…. Leaves certainily seemed to be theme of the evening.

Alice brought some GROOVE into the evening with Aretha Franklin song titles as the topic theme. Everyone tried their best but Kingsley stole the show with his rendition of King of the road and his topic titled “I can’t get no satisfaction”.

Katherine carved her way expertly though the task of evaluation of 17 different peoples topics before Rosa providing a fine cup of tea for all at the break, to warm us all up.

In the second half we had a rapid fire round of one minute topics distributed by Vanessa, followed by Michaels invaluable tips on “The art of evaluating”.

Isabelle’s introductory speech titled “Can dreams come true?” where she brought us though her childhood dream of wishing to speak all languages. Ben evaluated Isabelle passing her with flying colours.

The evening drew to a close with Josephs clever “Big Ears” questions and Philippe’s evaluation of the evening.

Another success all round which then continued next door for a quick refreshment and a natter.

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