Wimbledon Speaker Club ..Something new..

After a long summer break Wimbledon Speakers club is back in action.

Michael kicked off this years fortnightly sessions as Chair and Topics Chair with a very apt topics session “Something New”..

A good turn out, three of which were visitors. Everyone managed a 3 minute story assigned.

After a healthy refreshment session where peppermint tea continued to be the favourite this year, everyone caught up on “the summer ” activities.

In the second half Gareth performed a level 5 Speech evaluated by Katherine.

Alice performed her Level 8 Speech on humour, titled “You don’t have to be mad to join Wimbledon speakers Club!!! Sally was the evaluator for Alice and she and her Ghosts passed with flying colours.

Vanessa was general evaluator and she gave her differing opinion on the evaluation of the speeches. She thanked and positively critiqued Michael for Chairing, Craig for Timing, Ben for Topics evaluation and indeed Phillip for the Big Ears section.

The evening ended and everyone wandered over to the Antionette for a new year of after Speakers drinks :->

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