Wimbledon Speakers Club 08th June 2011

Chrissy opened with an ice breaker topic of “Your favourite proverb” to get the evening moving.. the variation of favourites included “Never say die, It ain’t over till the fat lady sings and Smile and the world smiles with you”

An interesting evening which we were delighted to see a few old members turn up such as John, Tony and two new members Matthew and Lena were also welcomed into the fold.

Vanessa then put us to the challenge when she introduced a Topic session of “The Hidden Word”. Each topic speaker got not only a topic to discuss but also a secret word to work into the topic. The audience were poised to spot the word throughout the evening.
Tony won the Debra Prize for his topic on Travel and hidden word computer. No one guessed the word. Well done Tony.
The funniest topic was with Phillippe struggling to incorporate the word Giraffe into the topic English Food!
After a chatty catch up session at the tea break we returned to two very different Speeches. The first was Lena with the topic Valuing Customer Relationships. The key points were People, Process and Performance drivers. Craig evaluated Lena’s performance and passed Lena to the next level.
The second speech was Peter with a speech titled “Volunteering and Experience” A very moving personal experience with his most memorable word being “Amazing”. Phillippe Evaluated Peter Level 3 Speech and passed him with flying colours.

Sam was “Big Ears” for the evening and jogged our memories of the topics and information throughout the evening.
Sally gave the General evaluation and provided in a very professional and encouraging way the points of improvements as well as noting the elements that went well throughout the evening.

Our last meeting is 22 June 2011 so hope to see you all there.

Don’t forget our end of Year Dinner on 17 June 2011. It should be a great evening of fun and games!

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