Wimbledon Speakers Club 27th April 2011

A chilled and competent chair, Vanessa guided us though the evening of of fun and challenges
including a topics session on advising Kate on who to give the last ticket to her Wedding!

Phillippe was the Topics chair encouraging us to make up a store with three unrelated words..it was tough but had great results from all.

Gerwyn Davies won the Debra prize for his Long life love affair with the baboon and later his very convincing Tom Jones impression..He also performed the Topics evaluator for the evening giving each speaker points of improvement and strenghts for their topic performance.

“Peppermint Tea” was the order of the day at the break all nicely prepared by Sally.

In the second half Helen gave her level two speech titled “Are good manners on the way out?”
Areas touched on were her personal upbringing and examples of where she had been taught to apply manners, London life and lack of manners, The train journey and listening to people on the phone.

Craig evaluated Helen on all aspects of her speech. Advising of strengths and points of improvements for future speeches. Helen successfully passed her level two speech.. well done Helen.

Alice treated us to chocolates if we got the right answer to her Big Ears questions in keeping with the season that was in it.

Katherine performed General evaluator for the evening commending Vanessa, Phillippe, Gerwyn and Craig for their performance in the roles they played for the evening.

Craig gave a reminder for the End of Year event on 17 June..more details to follow..

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