Wimbledon Speakers Club 13 April 2011

Michael was our Chair of the evening in his relaxed encouraging style.
Deborah was Topics Chair for the first time. Topics were random every day sayings or tasks where the speaker had to reverse their opinion when the bell rang.
Katherine won the Won The Debra for her hilarious Topic on “The Dawn Chorus ..what a racket!!”
George did a great job as topics Evaluator giving useful feedback to all both a plus and a point for improvement.
In the second half we had three speeches…
Shirley gave her Ice breaker Speech on “the Big Event” her experiences of Marathon runners via her husbands 25 years of running it.
Craig gave a very detailed evaluation back to Shirley passing her with flying colours.
Vanessa gave her level 9 speech titled “Japanese Perspectives”
A wonderful speech on the Japanese culture and word meanings completing on a positive note to a horrific natural disaster.
Michael evaluated Vanessa giving her a definite pass.
Alice performed her competition speech in practice for next weeks competition titled “A Rose by any other name” It was fabulous.. best of luck to Alice for next week!!!
Joseph helped jog our memories by performing Big Ears on the evenings topics and speeches.
Debra Owen -Hughes drew the evening to a close with her General evaluation feedback point of note to all parties.
Then we all departed to the pub for celebratory drinks..and to wish Michael and Alice well at the National Conference Competition Saturday 16 and Sunday 17th.

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