Wimbledon Speakers Club 23 March 2011

Katherine our Chair of the evening managed to guide us though a wonderful evening packed with exciting topics and speeches.
Ben the Topics Master of the evening choose “sayings” as his subject. A host of interesting stories as people mastered their two minute speech on their assigned topic.
Alice performed the role of Topics Evaluator for the evening giving a positive comment and a point to work on to everyone.
Joseph provided us all with Jamaican Rum cake and a fine cup of tea during the break.
The second part of the evening we had two speeches.
Sam performed his level 1 Speech on “This Thing of Ours” an interesting subject around the love of football over the materialism of large Premier clubs. Philippe evaluated Sam’s speech and passed him with flying colours.
Sally treated us to her F1 Speech on “Family Ties” a heart warming story around the warmth of family over their annoying quirks. Michael evaluated Sally and passed her.
Chrissy performed the General Evaluator role giving helpful feedback and points to note on the evenings proceedings.
Finally , Craig in his role of Big Ears put our memory recall to test.

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