Wimbledon Speakers Club 07 March 2011

Chrissy our Chair for the evening, encouraged us, keeping us on track with the busy evening of topics and three speeches.

George performed a great job as Topics Master with a “Water” theme.
He assigned each topic to a suitable speaker using every combination of Water topics available! Deborah won the Debra cup with her Topic of “A bath is better than a shower..”

After the welcomed tea break to wet the whistle of the three speech makers we had ..a level two “Mean what you say” and two level six speeches “Word Pictures”.

Peter gave his level 2 speech on “Who am I?” A heart warming speech using an analogy of himself and the sea..ever changing.

Alice our newest Club Speech Champion, gave her level 6 speech titled “War and Peace” which was her experience of meeting her Guru and being struck by a twitch!

Craig gave his level 6 speech titled “The Vertical Rush” which challenged the Pros and Cons on taking part or donating to Charity trill events.. but concluded that it is always good to give.

Evaluators Ben, Katherine and Michael all gave very encouraging feedback and Passes to all.

Helen challenged us all with her “Big Ears” questions on events of the evening.

Finally Sally was general evaluator who gave us feedback both on what went well and points of improvement going forward…one of which was not to say “Without more Ado”…

Next meeting 23 March 2011 7.30pm Hope to see you all then…

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