Wimbledon Speakers 12th January 2011

Proverbs were the choice of our Chair for the evening, Phillippe.

An interesting and varied topic response was given by all, to their assigned topic. Ben was the outright winner of the “The Debra award”

The Second half of the evening was very busy with three successful exam level speeches from Alice, Peter and Gerwyn.

Alice Herron – Icebreaker speech titled “The curse of the Mummy” which gave a very interesting perspective on the role of Mother and even got the audience to participate in an exercise to think positively about Mothers. Sally gave a very detailed evaluation to Alice, passing her with flying colours.

Peter Ngufor – Icebreaker speech on Fidel Castro “the Good Side” gave much room for considering Fidel from a different view point. Ben gave a very attentive evaluation to Peter passing him without hesitation to the next level.

Gerwyn Davies – “My Second Love” – A wonderful level 4 speech, perfect for the use of gestures delivered by Gerwyn. It covered everything from Swimming, Rugby to midnight training session in boxer shorts!! Chrissy gave Gerwyn a glowing evaluation passing him to the next level.

The evening continued with celebratory drinks in The Antoinette …

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