Wimbledon Speakers 24th November 2010

With Debra as Chair, the first half of the evening was filled with an inventive Topics session.

There wasn’t a dry eye in the house from laughter, as visitor Peter regaled us with his topic “Britain has the best train system in the world…no it hasn’t ..yes it has”. He was voted as the “Debra Cup” winner of the week.

Our multi talented Chair of the evening treated us to delicious home made mince pies at the interval (to raise the blood sugar for the rival teams in the second half).

The second half of the evening, the competition was fierce between Speaker clubs Wimbledon and Camden.
Debate number one – Wimbledon SC – Deborah, Craig and George lost the motion (Despite the attendance of Darth Vader) arguing for Faith School Indoctrination Versus Camden SC – Thor, Celene and Laura arguing for Faith School Inspiration.

Debate number two – Wimbledon SC – Phillip, Chrissy, Sally won the motion for arguing Money Can buy you love Versus Camden SC – Caroline, Julie and Shane arguing for Money Can’t buy you love.

Next meeting for WSC will be the 8th December which will be the Speech Competition titled “Inspiration”….come along and join in!

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  • Nigel Aukland

    Hi Michael and WSC,

    Great to see a revival of the website blog. It’s interesting to read about the goings on at Wimbledon speaker’s club. I have the RSS feed st up, but it’s been rather quiet for a while. An active internet blog will be great to attract new speakers to the club!

    I hope all is going well at the club,


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